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The Horny Adventures Of Ryan: Eye Candy Part 2

I went on having fun at the party, danced with other girls who rubbed their asses against my package, and even though it was a turn on for me, it just wasn't near as good as what Kate did to me.

One thing was crystal clear, though, and I knew my cock agreed with me - I wanted more! When you have that kind of sex that you can't get out of your head, you know there's a reason for it. And my reason was that I was meant to get more, no matter how much I already had. Now the question was whether or not Kate already left and if she was still here, where I could find her.

It was getting early in the morning and most of the guests already left. The music had been turned down and people were either passed out on the floor and couches or they fucked each other in other places. Passing by doors I could hear the moaning from inside the rooms and I was sure to even have heard Andy's voice talking dirty. Well good for him, it was his birthday and he without a doubt deserved to get some action. I went from room to room trying to find her but without any luck.

So I went out onto the balcony and stepped up to the railing. In the distance I could see the red and yellow colors of the sunrise, but it was still pretty dark over here by the house. Most of the lights had been turned off inside and outside the house, and only a few more at the bottom of the pool were still on. The reflection of the water and the lights was visible along the side of it, but everything else lay in the dark. I was just standing there, enjoying the darkness, when I heard a noise. I recognized that sound right away, knowing for sure that it was a moaning - a moaning that came from Kate. I looked around, afraid of finding her being fucked by another guy, but I couldn't see her at all. Then I tried to follow the sound of her moaning, I was looking around really hard, until I spotted her on the blue lounger I laid on earlier tonight. As full of myself as I was, I assumed that she wanted more too and I mean why would she have chosen that specific one if not because of thinking of me? Exactly! I couldn't really see what exactly she was doing, but I could tell that she was by herself. I went downstairs and out of the door that was facing away from the pool area. I wouldn't want her to see me, cause I sure as hell didn't want to disturb her, at least not before I had a peek of it.

I went over to the orange lounger she used earlier and sat down. Even though it was dark I saw everything she was doing. She was kneeling on the lounger, her ass pointing towards me. Her legs were spread wide apart and I noticed she still wore the white shirt from earlier. However, she wasn't wearing any parts of the bikini anymore and I could see right onto her pussy. She reached back to in between her legs and rubbed her fingers along her slit. Her body moved slightly back and forth and I could tell she enjoyed herself. She moved around her clit while she massaged her breasts with her other hand. That sight made me grow, so I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped the zipper. It was getting too tight in there for my throbbing cock, so I needed to give it some room. I grabbed my member out of my boxer shorts and just held it to grow in my hand. Kate's fingers now moved faster and wilder up and down her slit and her fingers covered by her juices were shining in the moon light. I got a harder grip on my dick and started to rub it while enjoying the show she gave me. I didn't want it to be over too soon, so I didn't move too fast. I'd rather it was her touch I felt on my cock, but I just needed to wait a bit longer. I was really focused on what she was doing when she suddenly stuck her finger into her wet pussy. Her moaning was loud and passionate that she looked around to make sure nobody was around or heard her. I could have sworn that I saw a glint of her eyes in my direction and when her moaning got louder and inviting I was sure that she did see me. Her entire finger was eaten by her hole and she enjoyed sliding the whole length of it in and out of her while she played with her clit with her other hand. Her firm ass was sticking up in the air and I wanted nothing more than ramming my hard cock in her and to slap those cheeks.

So I got up and slowly walked over to her. I held my pants up so I wouldn't fall and my manhood was at its full size, ready to work its magic inside that sexy babe. I stood behind her, my cock only inches away from her, when she took her finger out and moved back to rubbing her slit. I held my member and slid its head from her clit up to her hole before I pushed it inside of her hard and deep.

"I've been waiting for you and your cock!" She said in a horny tone.

I smiled and answered. "Sorry it took me so long, but I and my cock are now here in full size.

She moaned and a loud 'Oh yeah... Now give it to me' ,which made me move faster and wilder in seconds, escaped her lips. While I pounded her hard, she reached through her legs and started massaging my balls. She played with them like she couldn't get enough of 'em and I hoped she wouldn't. When I slowed down the pace, she wrapped her hand around my shaft and stroke it in movement of me ramming her. Her grip was hard and strong and I ended up fucking her in deep pushes. Slow but deep. I wanted her to feel every inch of my big dick, wanted her to scream for more and that's what I got. She pushed her ass up towards me so I could grab her good and spank her ass. Her moaning was irresistible and when she put her weight on her arms in front of her and bucked against me, I knew she wanted to feel my cock inside of her even deeper than it already was.

So I turned her around, my cockhead still inside of her, when she spread her legs to the extreme. She looked down to my cock, then bit her bottom lip and looked at me with horny eyes. She lifted her rear up and slid towards me. My cock slowly disappeared inside her pussy and was covered in her wetness when she slid back. She did that several times while I just enjoyed what she did. I loved a woman who took charge of my cock now and then and just played with it inside of her. Take it like you want it, Babe! Even if it drove me crazy I let her do her thing, knowing that it would get even sexier and hotter afterwards - and it did. The moment she slid over my cock again I moved down to her and put my weight on top of her. My cock was buried inside of her and I felt how she squeezed her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed her hip up towards me. I loved how much she wanted me and my dick, so I put my arms on each side of her head, grabbed the top of the lounger and pulled. She moaned and that made me move faster and wilder. Her eyes were closed but her breathing got heavier and I knew she was close to cumming. I moved my dick in circles, making sure she felt it everywhere inside her hole and when I fucked her hard and the lounger sounded like it was about to break, she dug her fingernails in my back and scratched my whole back when she exploded. Feeling that sweet pain made me cum even harder than I expected. Her legs unwrapped my body and her body started to relax. I got off of her and laid down on the lounger next to hers. She looked over to me and said that it was the best party ever. I nodded and agreed, before we got dressed and headed home. I'm certain our ways are gonna cross again!